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The North Alabama team of economic development professionals is led by the Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County and is ready to help you find the best solutions to your expansion needs. Our partners work together as one team to provide you with efficient and confidential economic development assistance to make your job quicker, easier and more cost effective.

The Tennessee Valley Authority provides competitive and reliable electric service for the North Alabama region as well as partners with growing companies to provide economic development assistance.

The Alabama Department of Commerce is the economic development office of the State of Alabama and coordinates projects and development with companies on behalf of the State and the Governor.

The Huntsville Mega Site is located in the city of Huntsville which is led by the mayor and city council and provides infrastructure development and project assistance for new and growing companies.

The Port of Huntsville contains the Huntsville International Airport and the International Intermodal Center which provide rail transfer and international cargo service for the North Alabama region.

Norfolk Southern provides coast-to-coast rail service with premium shipping and reliable logistics solutions linking communities and customers to the marketplaces of the world.

The Limestone County Economic Development Authority provides local economic development project assistance for the Huntsville, Alabama Mega Site location.