The Huntsville, Alabama Mega Site is fully equipped with all industrial utilities and is located adjacent to the TVA Limestone 500KV Substation.

All utility services are in place or in close proximity with the ability to be operational within an expedited development timeline. Depending on requirements, electrical service can be directly sourced from the Tennessee Valley Authority or provided by the local electrical power distributor.





Electric Transmission: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
Transmission Voltage: 161 KV
Substation On-Site: TVA Limestone 500KV Substation
Capacity: 200+ MW
Electric Distribution: Athens Utilities
Distribution Voltage: 161KV/12.47KV
Substation On-Site: Athens Utilities 161KV Substation
Capacity: 50MW
Natural Gas Transmission: Southern Natural Gas
Natural Gas Distribution: Huntsville Utilities
Line Size: 18” Steel
Line Pressure: 260 psi
Natural Gas Distribution: Athens Utilities
Line Size: 6” Steel
Line Pressure: 290 psi
Water Provider: Huntsville Utilities
Line Size: 24” to 36”
Total Capacity: 7.0 MGD (24”) / 21 MGD (36”)
Excess Capacity: 7.0 MGD (24”) / 21 MGD (36”)
Treatment Capacity: 48 MGD
Average Utilization: 15 MGD
Peak Utilization: 25 MGD
Excess Capacity: 33 MGD
Water Provider: Limestone County Water & Sewer Authority
Line Size: 8” to 36”
Total Capacity: 5.8 MGD
Excess Capacity: 1.5 MGD
Treatment Capacity: 7.3 MGD
Average Utilization: 4.3 MGD
Peak Utilization: 5.8 MGD
Excess Capacity: 1.8 MGD
Wastewater Provider: City of Huntsville Water Pollution Control
Line Size: 24” D.I.P.
Line Type: Gravity
Total Capacity: 20 MGD
Excess Capacity: 7 MGD
Treatment Plant: Western Area Wastewater Treatment Plant
Allocated capacity: 40 MGD peak hour
Average Utilization: 9 MGD
Peak Utilization: 13 MGD
Telecommunications Providers: AT&T, CenturyLink, Comcast
Services: Fiber services, all services except video